Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pastor's Perspective - Called Out

I'm calling you out. Let me clarify that. Jesus is calling you out.

The word in the original language for church is 'ekklesia' - the 'called out' ones. Sadly, church for many has become a religious club of sorts, a place where we meet regularly with others who hold a similar worldview and dress code, go through a few rituals, pay our dues and leave with a sense of obligation and appeasement met. Tragically the word 'church' has been minimized to a structure, an earthly address. However, the church, according the the Bible, is something far different. It is a community of 'real people' who have been by God's grace 'called out' of something.

This past weekend we at FCC were overwhelmingly blessed to receive the powerful yet tender ministry of Bronwen Healy from Australia. I encourage you to listen to her testimony on our website. As Bronwen explained, as a heroin-addicted prostitute, God reached done into the pit of hell and pulled her out of a nightmare existence. Similarly, years ago God yanked me out of a jail cell life marked by hopelessness, shame, guilt, disillusionment,and powerless religion.

However, as Christ builds His 'ekklesia' He doesn't just call us out of something. In other words, He doesn't just leave the baby in the incubator. Praise the Lord, He simultaneously is calling each of us us into something! That something is a new abundant sin-liberated life. That something is an existence of hope and heavenly purpose. That something is a new mission and focus that focuses on God by touching others. That something is an escape from mediocrity and mere daily survival. That something is a call to divine dreams. That something is a community marked by worship, encouragement, equipping, unconditional love and acceptance. That something is an adventure of a lifetime that simply cannot be overlooked and missed.

Because I love you, let me ask you two honest questions -

What is God calling you out of today? You know the answer. Give voice to it. Talk to Him about it. Hint: He already knows all about it and loves you any way. Next, confess it to a trusted friend of faith.

What is God calling you into today? Likewise, you know the answer, even if its a bit foggy. Sure, it's kinda scary, but give voice to it any way, ie. "go public" - it's the first bold step toward your dream and destiny.

Friends, Jesus is calling you out; out of the destructive, mundane, unfulfilling and lifeless - the road most travel.

Friends, Jesus is calling you in to something; something grander, mysterious, revolutionary, satisfying, alive - a narrow less-traveled road - a new level- a place closer to Him.

Friends, its not enough to just be called out. Half is just half!

What is God calling you to?

I dare you to respond.

You're being called out.


Jeramy Sossaman said...

god is calling me to trust him....in everything.

Pastor's Perspective said...

God is calling me to greater structure in my life and to dream His dreams for my life, my family and the FCC family.

Doodad said...

God is calling me into a deeper relationship with him through a deeper commentment of reading his word.

Natalie said...

God is calling me to be obedient doing the daily tasks in which He has given me in my life ... That they are not small but very signifigant... He is calling me to change my perspective to become more like His.

Caitlyn J Turner said...

God is calling me to boldness, courage, and obedience.. to keep stepping out of the boat and out on to the water!

(is it a bit corny using one of my own lyrics???)