Friday, August 1, 2008

Pastor's Perspective - Esau & Jacob

This week I’ve been having the best time reconnecting with my younger brother Mark. He and his wife Joy have been visiting us from Brooksville, Florida (near Tampa) where Mark serves as a captain in the Hillsborough County Fire Department. Neither have ever been to California before, so we’ve been having a ball showing them the local high-interest sites.

Growing up in Tampa, Mark and I were very different. He was Esau. I was Jacob. He was a straight-haired brunette with dark eyes, while I was moppy-headed with blue peepers. He was a ‘daddy’s boy’, while I was a ‘mamma’s boy’. His subscription was to ‘Field & Stream’, while mine was to ‘GQ’. He liked to fish and hunt, while I was very content with a good book. He was a builder, while I was a dreamer. He used a table saw, while I preferred a good Mont Blanc pen. Funny how the Lord makes us so different.

From adolescence our connectivity was family, church involvement, humor (he’s got a great one!), sports, music and of course, interest in girls. One of my earliest recollections of Mark was his very tender heart toward God, one he still has. If anybody coulda-shoulda been the pastor in the family, it was him. He and Joy married young, had kids young, and with God’s kindness raised three wonderful kids – each currently enrolled in three different colleges along the eastern seaboard. Now that’s a prayer request!

Like ol’ Esau and Jacob, Mark and I have spent many years a bit disconnected, busy raising our families and building our careers. But also like the famous twins in Genesis, we’ve had some memorable reconnection time that I’m absolutely cherishing. No longer are we greasy-faced teens testing how loud the stereo could get and how fast the Camaro could run. We’re in our 40’s now. Our experiences (good and bad) have led us to common ground – a place where once obvious differences have faded away and we now see each other as men. Our mountain top ascents and valley excursions have given us a renewed love and respect for one another – and somehow I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that our heavenly Father is pleased with it all.


Chelle said...

It really has been a great week Babe. I'm glad we're all making such great memories together!

Jeramy Sossaman said...

wow. this makes me wish i had a brother....(tear).

i'm so glad you guys have had a great week together!

james said...

Ill be your brother Jeramy...Ive even got hairy arms.

Good times Steve...take em while ya can man!!

Lauren said...

This mad me cry, in a good way, thinking of my own relationship with my younger sister. I think sibling relationships are like fine wine, getting better with age!
I hope church in the round is going well today, I'm sorry to miss it but praising God for a good surgery recovery so far!

Natalie said...

I'm on the verge of TEARS!!! YES! ME!!! This is SO awesome!!
Jeramy, I wish you had a brother too... (sniffle!)
James, I think you would make a great brother for Jeramy... (sniffle)
I do believe that Our Father is very pleased with you boys... I mean men! (-:

Doodad said...

Steve: It was great to have Mark and Joy in our home while they were here. It is also wonderful to have a chance to catch up. They are a great part of the family and two people with big hearts. Doodad

Anonymous said...

Next time family comes don't bring them to the sites that they are expecting to see. Forget the Golden Gate Bridge and wine tasting. Instead ride public transit in Sacramento. I have been thoroughly entertained every morning as I listen to outbursts, see the newest styles (according to an imaginary runway), and had very interesting conversations with riders. Did anyone know that I met Michael Jackson, a true life "growler" in a death metal band, and a streaker?