Friday, September 5, 2008

Pastor's Perspective - What's Up Doc?

I’m writing this to let you know that I FINALLY went to the doctor yesterday. Release the doves and cue the trumpets and dancers! For those of you saying “Huh?” right now, let me elaborate.

Recently while preaching on the subject of procrastination, I felt a leading to confess my sin of feet-dragging. Since turning ffffffffforty, I haven’t subjected myself to the more…THOROUGH physical examination that comes with age. As a busy pastor and family man, I have been conveniently treating that event with the hospitality of a Heisman Trophy stiff-arm. However, I have noticed some symptoms at ffffffffforty-five that unlike my younger days, didn’t just go away. Admittedly I’ve been losing hearing in my left ear; I have never had my cholesterol level checked; I’ve been more fatigued; and other stuff I used to laugh at my Dad about. Age is a great equalizer!

So as I peck this, I’m thrilled to report that other than carrying a few extra pounds, and officially being diagnosed as ‘Stage 4 Ugly’, your pastor looks like he’s got a few thousand more miles on his tread. My hearing was even taken care of yesterday in the office in an encounter that was more Roto-Rooter than anything else! I actually bolted out of bed in the middle of the night because I heard a dog yelping… in Benecia! My hearing is so good now, I’ll actually be able to see AND HEAR you snoring as I preach.

This morning I had my lab work done, so I’m about a quart low. To quote Bruce Almighty, “I’m IB Positive’. I BE POSITIVE that I don’t like needles” – and I don’t. And, about that more “thorough” part, well that taunting-Goliath will happen next month at my follow-up visit. Isn’t it wonderful to have exciting things to look forward to?!

Mega-thanks to all of you who through very creative, tenacious and humorous ways pushed me to finally see a doctor. Sorry to break it to you - I'm healthy and you’re stuck with me.

I Love You!

In the Fight,



Lauren said...


The hip-hip-hooray seemed extra appropriate seeing as how the hips are often among the first to go.

Gena said...

Glad to hear you are gonna be around for awhile BROTHA!!

Anonymous said...

Good, well now, my almost son will outlive me. Yippee!

Shan said...

Congrats on the good health! You know, it's one of the most important things to have!

Natalie said...

Dude!!! (you like that hugh?)
Your fffforty-five??? I thought you were ONLY 38! Could've fooled me!!! Isn't it just WRONG that we used to tease our parents and now we TOTALLY understand what they meant?
Bart & I took the kids to the Vanden track yesterday & Bart gave all the kids a treat when they got home because they all BEAT me in running a race! It's just not fair... (Sigh)