Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Special 'Go' Opportunity

As many of you local Suisun City folks know, a tragic accident occurred in our community this past Monday. Lawrence Smith (41) lost his life. He left his wife of 15 years, Damaris, and five children, ranging in ages from 6-14. Needless to say, the family is devastated by this loss, and are mourning deeply for their beloved husband and father.

The Suisun Police Department, under the compassionate leadership of Chief Ed Dadisho, Commander Tim Mattos, and Chaplain Rick Stonestreet, want to provide more for this young struggling family than condolences. The police department wants to begin a program of loving and compassionate outreach to those in our community thrust in to these harsh situations, in junction with faith-based organizations like FCC.

Until we brainstorm and create this response, the family of Lawrence Smith is currently in need of acute care. This is where I’m counting on you!

If you are willing to provide and deliver a meal to this family, please email Chaplain Rick Stonestreet at the following email addresses:, and Chaplain Stonestreet is currently scheduling those willing to help by providing meals delivered by 5:45PM. **Special Note: Due to allergies, the meal cannot contain peanuts or seafood. You are welcome to purchase a meal from a restaurant or eatery, or prepare it yourself.

As Christ’s local ambassadors, let’s seize this opportunity to rise up and ‘Go’ for the glory of His name.

I LoveYou & I’m Proud of You FCC!

In the Fight,

Steve Kiefer
Lead Pastor
First Christian Church


Dave said...

Have any particular restaurants been contacted that might be willing to help coordinate, and maybe even deliver a meal to the family? I would purchase food from that restaurant so that it could be delivered. Or if you have someone who would be willing to deliver the food I would be more than happy to sponsor a meal.

CultureStar said...

I hope you are still able to receive messages from this post. My name is Aaron Pedroni, a lifetime friend of Larry. We grew up together on the same block in Oakland from little children til high school. There are many of us that are saddened by the loss of Larry and would like to provide more support to Demaris and their children from here in Oakland. It would be wonderful if you had contact information for Demaris. I have tried on facebook and there are too many to "friend".
My number is (510)290-7504 or email Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. We are also looking for ways to honor Larry and would love to include his family. Thank you