Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pastor's Perspective - Justice

If moral relativism wasn’t so morally disgusting, it would be laughable.

Over the last few days I’ve casually been staying tuned to this whole Roman Polanski story. For those unfamiliar with him and his work, he is an award-winning film director. His story is a fascinating one, ranging from being a Holocaust survivor, to losing his wife Sharon Tate in the infamous Manson murders, to box office stardom. Thirty-two years ago, Polanski had sexual intercourse with a 13-year old girl. Since then, the United States has had a warrant out for his arrest. After fleeing justice all these many years, Polanski was arrested this past weekend in Zurich while attending a film festival. His legal team is aggressively fighting his extradition.

What is nauseating to me is the way many are trying to sweep the past under the proverbial rug and make excuses for him. Friends, Roman Polanski raped a child! The last I heard, that is still a horrendous, despicable and arrestable offense in this land, no matter how long ago it happened.

This week, celebrities are going so far as to saying it wasn’t a “rape rape.” Huh?! Some are saying that because he survived a death camp and lost his mother at Auschwitz that justice should go lightly on him. Others say that because he lost his wife so tragically that there should be great mercy extended to him. The biggest ‘but’ camp is citing his artistic cinematic talent to be his ‘Get Out of Jail’ card. Lastly, a few say that his advancing age should be considered, or that he is philanthropic.

As a pastor, I hear the very same arguments to answer, ‘Why God should let me into Heaven’. “Well, I don’t deserve hell, because I lived it here on earth.” “I’m a good person who helps people out when I can.” “I’ve lived a long life and deserve to go.” “I shared my talent for the enjoyment of many; therefore, I should get something, right?”

Friends, Roman Polanski committed a crime. He should and will face justice for it. No excuses can justify raping a child.

Friends, all of us have committed a crime against a holy God. We’re all guilty as sin and of sin! We have absolutely no justifiable excuses for our rebellion. However, Jesus Christ condescended to His offenders, and on a Roman cross, graciously took our full penalty upon Himself, satisfying God’s divine arm of justice.

Justice = Paying the due penalty of what we deserve.

God's grace = Jesus paying the due penalty of what we deserve.

How can we turn an offer like that down?


Anonymous said...

Lowell Cedric JohnsonPolanski, as talented a director he may be, still needs to be held accountable for the 1976 (?) incident that had him flee the country. As for his films, I still have a copy of Rosemary's Baby, although I've avoided anything he's directed because of the immoral coward he still is. BTW, this year marks the 40th anniversary of the murder of his wife, actress, Sharon Tate, and five others, by members of Charles Manson's "family."

Jeramy Sossaman said...

this dude makes me sick. he should be punished for sure....