Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pastor's Perspective - What God Can Do!

Last Christmas-time, we at First Christian decided to do something new - something together - something that reflected the true message of the season. Instead of buying each other gifts we didn't really want or need, we pooled that money together as a church family and decided to use it for the glory of Christ somewhere else. Knowing that our 250+ HIV orphans in Shisisari, Kenya were drinking filthy water that was making them sick, broke our hearts. We knew we had to do something - anything. So we sent them a gift they couldn't give themselves - fresh water!

Through the support and generosity of many inside and outside the church, we were able to not only fund a desperately needed fresh water project in Africa, but we were also able to send an FCC delegation over to work on it, complete it and dedicate it in a community-wide ceremony for the renown of the true Living Water - Jesus.

The photos above are proof and a simple and humble sampling of what God can do through one church family hungry to make a difference.

Matthew 25:40