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Pastor's Perspective - Kenya Journal

During my recent trip to Kenya (‘Go’ with One Mind & Voice Missions Trip) I kept a daily journal. I’m sharing my brief daily entries with you for two reasons. First and foremost that Christ would be honored. Second, that those of you who have never taken a missions trip might be somehow inspired to say ‘yes’ to future opportunities. Enjoy!

July 19, 2011 – 8:04AM PST – United Airlines 777:
Well the adventure has just begun! Currently climbing out of the San Francisco Bay area. Got up at 2AM and met my team at the church at 3. After the distribution of boxes (donations) between the SF and Sacramento team, I led a prayer and away we went. Upon arrival at SFO our check-ins as a team went smoothly and uneventful. As a trip leader I had been a bit anxious about the rules airlines impose regarding luggage, number of check-ins, weight, etc. Several of our boxes & bags were well over the 50lb limit, yet the favor of the Lord made the overages a non-issue. We (Candy, Zoey, Mark & I) just kind of nervously smiled and winked like kids who were somehow getting away with something! Yet, I was reminded by the Spirit that nobody loves these orphaned children more than God. Security went smoothly. Short wait at gate. Full flight to Dulles Airport. Mark is my seat partner (36A&B). 4 hrs & 40 minutes of flying ahead. The boxes are behind us, not to be seen again until Nairobi. Thank you Lord! The adventure has begun. I’m so honored to ‘go’. Not just to preach it and promote it – but to do it.

July 19, 2011 – 3:40PM EST – United Airlines 777 (over Atlantic Ocean):
Landed at Dulles Airport. Exchanged some US currency for (Kenya) shillings. Ate burger at Wendys. Met great couple from Indianapolis in gate area before departing. Spent a little time with the Sacramento team. All going well. Beverly, 3 hours into the flight asked Malissa, “Is this Kenya?”! Boarded flight to Brussels. So blessed. My seat partner is a wonderfully faithful woman from Reston, VA. She works with children regularly in various outreach opportunities in Liberia. Grateful for her warmth, insight, encouragement and example. Proud to show her a pic of my six blessings. Will be flying all night. Getting more and more excited. God’s hand is on us. In Christ we can do all things.

July 20, 2011 – 10:00AM - Brussels, Belgium:
Landed at 7:15AM in Brussels. Curveball! Our Brussels Airlines plane that was going to take us to Kenya was damaged yesterday in a hailstorm in Cameroon. We were given the option of being put up (complimentary) in a hotel delaying our Nairobi arrival 24 hours, or, take a flight to London Heathrow and take an all-night Virgin Atlantis flight to Kenya arriving tomorrow (Thursday) morning. To hold as tightly to our itinerary we have chosen to fly all night – again! The Lord is in control. Nothing is an accident. Camped-out here at the Brussels Airport. God’s got this! Called Anthony to reschedule our pick-up in Kenya. Safari for some on our team will now take place at the end of the trip. Attitudes on the San Francisco team are stellar. Rejoicing in our trials. Good things about to happen. By the way, just went into my first European unisex restroom. Crazy nervous!

July 20, 2011 – 7:25PM – Van Der Valk Hotel (Brussels, Belgium):
Sometimes life is stranger than fiction! After waiting 8 hours at the Brussels Airport to fly to London then take Virgin Atlantic to Nairobi, at boarding time we were informed that VA cancelled our tickets! 8 hours of sitting in an airport wasted. We were given hotel vouchers and here we are. We’ll take off in the morning with Brussels Airlines and will (hopefully) arrive in Nairobi after 10PM tomorrow (Thursday) night! Great hotel! Clean. Slick. Ikea! Watching German TV. Very cool novelty. Used dinner voucher downstairs with Candy, Connor & Mark. Meeting early for breakfast then back to the airport. Nairobi tomorrow? Man I hope so! Can think of worse places to rough-it for the night.

July 21, 2011 – 2:22PM – Brussels Airlines A330 (Lybian Airspace):
I’m on a Belgian airliner sitting next to a French woman married to a man from Burundi, surrounded by people speaking Swihili 37,000 feet over Lybia. When you say “Yes” to God, He creates amazing scenes in our lives!

July 22, 2011 – 1:20AM – Hampton (Missionary) House – Nairobi:
Finally here! After much delay our SF team landed in Nairobi at 10:33PM after stopping briefly first in Bujumbura, Burundi. After deplaning we got our visas then proceeded down to baggage claim. All our stuff was there except Zoey’s luggage. She kept a good & positive attitude which inspired me. So great to see Tricia and Anthony. The baggage boys were soliciting tips and an airport revenue official threatened to charge us for our donation boxes! Anthony aggressively dealt with both issues. Impressive. Mark & I are staying in a room in a Baptist missionary housing facility. The plan is to sleep, clean up, breakfast, supply shop and head to Kakamega. I’ll be in the Gold Hotel tomorrow night. Asked Anthony about the Sacramento team. All were positive and wanted to stay here in Nairobi to wait for us so we could all go to Kakamega together. With our 24 hour delay safaris (according to Anthony) are the only challenge. We lost a day on our itinerary, but, that won’t stop us! God is in complete control of this thing!

July 23, 2011 – 12:30AM – Golf Hotel – Kakamega:
We just got here after a marathon day. Last night we spent the night at the Hampton House after pick up at Nairobi airport. Mark Asprey was my roommate. Slept well. Woke up and showered. This was the first opportunity I had to shave since Monday. My toiletry bag was in my check-in all week. Had to buy a toothbrush & toothpaste at the Brussels Airport just to get through. So glad the Brussels hotel had many complimentary toiletries! This morning we reconnected with the Sacramento team. Enjoyed meeting Sylvia Franco, our teammate from NYC. She’s very sweet. An artist married to an artistic manager living in Manhattan. She came to Kenya two years ago on an OOI trip and she clearly has a big heart. I’m not sure if she is a Christian or not. Anthony & Tricia brought breakfast items so we all picked and ate. I also met Pastor Polycap for the first time. We embraced warmly and had a great first encounter, I look very forward to ministering with him! Using the safari van (driven by Shadrach) and Anthony’s car, we all packed in and left Hampton House (managed by Wayne, a former mgr at the Grand Canyon McDonalds). We went to two banks to exchange our money (uSD) into Kenya shillings. Our biggest challenge of the day – nobody here cashes Traveler’s Checks! Sadly we brought $3,000 in them for projects. Somehow we know that God will make it all work. Nairobi is amazing! Hustling-bustling. People everywhere. Crazy drivers. Diesel smell in the air. Dusty. We marveled at the level of poverty, yet, the joy the people possessed. I already feel a sweet connection with the African people. I had already met several in transit. Their demeanor is intriguing. We stopped at one of the most amazing scenes I’d ever seen – the great Rift Valley. Simply break-taking. We were converged upon by the best & most tenacious salespeople I think I’ve ever met! They utilized every sales technique! They did well with us. I bought Emma a souvenir elephant made from alabaster and a couple of bracelets. Amazing people. You can tell that their aggressiveness is not so much greed-based as it is survival-based. The scenes on the way to Kakamega (western Kenya) were unequalled. Gross poverty. People walking. Animals grazing along the road. Zebras! Fantastic scenes! We stopped for an early dinner/late lunch in Nakuru at a beautiful hotel. I had beef and a ginger ale – safe. From there we drove all night. One detour (‘Diversion’) put us for about an hour on the worst road imaginable! We got into Kakamega at midnight and went straight to the Gold Hotel – an 11 hour trip. Kakamega looked rather impressive at night compared to the many other shanty towns we passed all day – neater. Looking forward to seeing it during the day. The Golf is not a 5-star by any means, but clean and comfortable. Unpacked & organized everything. Only 3 channels on the TV. Tomorrow’s plan is breakfast, meet with Anthony and plan, maybe the rain forest, and then a soccer tournament final OOI created & sponsored. I’m fully trusting the Lord. I’m a fish out of water. I’m desperate for Him to use me somehow. One of the highlights of the drive? Tonight in our dark quiet van, Shadrach sang several hymns in Swahili, including ‘Are You Washed in the Blood of the Lamb?’ Moved by the overwhelming reality that Christ’s grace & love knows no borders. Off to bed. I-Phone adapter working well. Time to unfurl my mosquito net! The adventure is getting good.

July 24, 2011 – 10:15PM – Golf Hotel – Kakamega:
To say that “today was exceptional” would miss the mark! Woke up early, cleaned up and read my Bible. Had breakfast downstairs with Candy, Connor & Sylvia, then met with Anthony alone on the GH property. During the night he had fired our driver for breach of professionalism. Anthony explained that twice he unnecessarily exposed our team to unnecessary risk. I liked the man, but in this case, I must trust that Anthony knows a lot more about these matters than I do. The driver was replaced by our new driver Joseph. Very pleasant young man. From there we drove to Shisasari. Amazed! Anthony & Tricia have a beautiful home. I met Anthony’s parents, toured their property, water source and school. Likewise it was my joy to meet many. I’m very eager to say “Jambo”, exchange names and talk. For several I showed a recent pic of Chelle and Emma to jog their memories. Many remembered them fondly including Gabriel. I love the sincere and humble gentleness of these people. I want them desperately to know the love and hope of Jesus. As mentioned we toured the school. Much bigger than I anticipated. Several classes were beautified by previous OOI trips and the work of locals. Afterward we went to the Kakamega Rain Forrest. Awesome! Abraham & Ncholas were great guides. As we left a large family of monkeys jumped from tree to tree near our vehicles. So cool! From there we went to the soccer tournament final hosted by OOI to promote peace in the community. As we drove onto the property a band of people formed, instruments and dancers, parading us into the tournament. Amazingly special! As we got there we saw about 3,000 assembled. They surrounded our car dancing & singing. I shook hundreds of hands as we were escorted by dancers to our special guest seating under the tent. There we were offered soda – a special gift & privilege. After the match I was introduced to speak. I greeted the crowd on behalf of the US, California, FCC, my family & team. Anthony followed. He is a rock star here. I see so many great qualities in him. He would love to be an ambassador for Kenya. I believe strongly that he will do that some day. This surprise of warmth & welcome will never be forgotten. I recorded it on my i-phone. Can’t wait to share these images online soon! Afterward we all ate together at the Golf Hotel restaurant. Interesting cheeseburger! Definitely a long way from home. God has already given me a great love & grace for Kenya. Afterward our very tired team held a meeting in an upstairs conference room. The real mission starts on Monday. Can’t wait! Got a feeling that as amazing as today was, God has even greater just ahead. Church tomorrow morning at Polycap & Patrick’s church, followed by lunch then a crusade. Am I really doing this? I was dared to dance with the locals tonight. Everybody was shocked & laughing when I did! White boy dance in Kakamega! Think it’s just the beginning.

July 24, 2011 – 10:45PM – Golf Hotel – Kakamega:
Where do I begin to describe the day I just had? After showering, putting on my suit and having breakfast, Joseph our van driver drove us to church. I was blessed beyond measure! Church was held at the school. The African expression of worship overwhelmed me! We danced and did a conga line that actually snaked outside once. Zoey & Mark spoke. Anthony brought up the entire team to introduce them. Each was given an opportunity to speak. Jeanette was moved to tears which greatly touched me. I spoke about our motivation for being there – to be servants. That the servants touched and carried the miracle. John 2 was my text. This was my first experience with an interpreter – Pastor Polycap. For our first time together people said we did quite well. The message I shared was warmly received. Beautiful people! Afterward several Kenyan pastors and I met to form relationships. I asked each about his family and his dreams. Each are wonderful and so humble – desiring to serve. After a great impromptu sit-down we broke for lunch. I went to Anthony’s where I ate rice and beef, all washed down with Fanta. Afterward I watched a Kenya Premiere League match on TV with Godfrey. I wanted the AFC Leopards to win but they didn’t. This club is the local favorite since they represent western Kenya. Afterward we drove to the outdoor revival meeting held in the front yard of a house in Shisasari. With a mobile PA, we danced wildly. Malissa spoke and gave her testimony. Afterward I preached that Jesus was passing by taken from the Bartimaeus account. The Spirit was clearly in control. Pastor Polycap translated. I gave an invitation and many gave their hearts to Jesus – well over 50. Indescribable moments, watching God expand His kingdom. I was exhilarated and humbled all at the same time. I then asked for anyone sick to come forward for prayer. One young man about 6’ 5” came up. For two weeks he had been experiencing severe abdominal discomfort. I asked the other pastors to join me and we laid hands on him. The Father healed him instantaneously! He then shared in tears how he feared he couldn’t be part of our revival because of his pain, but now it was all gone. After the revival, Polycap and I spent time in the Golf Hotel lobby drinking chai getting to know each other better. Tomorrow we’ll meet the students, meet as pastors to devise our strategy, begin canvassing the community with house-to-house visits, then tomorrow night more open-air preaching. By the way, Zoey was healed today of sever/troubling jaw pain. Her and Mark’s testimonies were awesome & well-received. I’m learning to work well with Polycap after only one day. I already love him and the other pastors dearly. I look forward to serving the community with them and getting to know their hearts. I love Kenya! Their joy is inspiring. They have nothing, but they smile and dance easily. This experience is overwhelming! By the way, Mark has become a dancing machine! He dances unashamedly and the people thoroughly enjoy him. He clearly was meant to be here.

July 25, 2011 – 8:55PM – Golf Hotel – Kakamega:
Just when I thought God had shown me His best – He gave me today! This morning Joseph drove us to the family homes of Polycap, Patrick and their parents. Simply amazing! Mark is ataying with Patrick. Manure floors. Mud walls. Cooking huts. Cows. Clothes lines. Smiles. Beauty. The simple beauty of people connected to each other, to the land, and to God. Afterward Anthony drove us to the school. Like the soccer tournament, a group met us and paraded us there with colorful costume, dancing, drumming, blowing horns. When we neared the school over 800 students poured onto the road and ran toward us screaming with huge smiles on their faces. Overwhelming! I shouted “Jambo!” as I shook hands. Beautiful, sweet, innocent faces. Bald heads. Filthy feet. Torn green uniforms. Ecstatically happy! Don’t they know how poor they are? Today I realized how poor I am. We were introduced and I spoke words of greeting, love and affirmation. After the beautiful and moving welcoming ceremony, I met with the ministry team from Nairobi. Productive meeting. I led the meeting, soliciting their geographical & cultural insight. I’m so touched by their humility. Many of them left their families far away to be here this week. They are eager. They adore the gospel. Their passion for Christ is evident. Afterward I spent a few hours conversing with Polycap at Anthony’s place. Truly love him. Huge heart. Big dreams. His sister and pastor husband stopped by so we could meet briefly. Soon it was time to go to the night crusade. Different venue tonight. People came from nowhere – some appearing out of heavy darkness. Four audio speakers. Feedback. One floodlight. Hundreds of people of all ages. We danced. Zoey gave her very moving testimony. She is an amazing soul. She clearly has a special calling. Her life was and is hard. But, her hope in Christ is sincere & inspiring. With Polycap translating I preached on the bronze snake in the wilderness. At invitation many responded and received Jesus. I’ll know the number tomorrow. One of the pastors has been assigned the duty of keeping track of decisions. Then we prayed for the sick. Many were instantaneously healed, including God restoring sight to a blind eye! Glory! Glory! Then we shouted in celebration and danced wildly with joy. Tomorrow we’ll start the house-to-house visits at 9AM, followed by lunch at 1PM, followed by an abbreviated open-air crusade in the community, followed by another large night crusade. Going back to the same place we were tonight. More people expected tomorrow. We found a great fishing spot!

July 26, 2011 – 3:40PM – Anthony’s House:
Today we started 3 days of home visits. We sent out 8 teams of three members. The experience was beyond words. Each household warmly invited us into their homes to sit down. I shared the good news and prayed for many needs. Though the houses are primitive, each had large main sitting areas in which we could speak. Our team of three led 8 to Christ and prayed for many. At 1PM we all reconvened at the school. A total of 56 salvations – with two more days to go! These teams are hungry to serve the Lord. We rejoiced together at God’s kindness in our freshmen effort. Afterward the Americans had lunch at the school with the teachers. Ugali. Rice. Potatoes. Greens. Simple & delicious! I enjoyed talking with a couple of teachers comparing the Kenyan & American diets. Very different! Afterward I went outside to speak with the school children. They loved seeing pics of my family. Each said that they want to someday visit America. So I used that to speak to them about the importance of their education. The spring protection project is in full swing, and, the pipe bringing clean city water to the school is almost there. Both projects were financed by the Advent Conspiracy (Christmas-time) giving at FCC. I wish each of our church members could see all of this personally!

July 26, 2011 – 9:15PM – Golf Hotel – Kakamega:
Just got back to my room. Spent! My feet are killing me. I have worn a suit, tie and hard dress shoes consistently for days now. Today we held two crusades. Our “small” one was packed and many came to Christ. I preached on the “Bad News & Good News”. The second crusade had more people, but they were clearly distracted by the placement of the floodlight (in their faces). I preached on the prodigal son. Many got saved. Afterwards we all celebrated and danced. I’m done. Wasted. Not even eating dinner. I ordered 2 cold Fantas to rehydrate somehow. More house visits in the morning.

July 27, 2011 – 7:35PM – Golf Hotel – Kakamega:
I just got to my room. Amazing day! Went out again with Polycap & Charles. Led 17 to Christ on our home visits. 58 for all the teams today. Glory! Had a beautiful and moving time with students today. They are so precious. They love having their pictures taken and seeing themselves! Torrential rain cancelled the small crusade. I told Anthony that I needed to get back to the hotel to adequately prepare for the Pastors Meeting on Friday.

July 29, 2011 – 6:10AM – Golf Hotel – Kakamega:
A day was lost due to sickness. All day yesterday (7/28) I was in the bed ill. I woke up early that morning with severe uncontrollable shaking. Scary. Body chills and aches. Severe nausea. Throbbing headache. All night I was up and down between the bed and the bathroom – all night! Not sure what it was. For the past few days I noticed that my appetite was diminishing. Also, I was fight dehydration. I have been wearing a suit daily and have been walking throughout the countryside. Plus I have been touching people and shaking countless number of hands. I think I was very vulnerable to get something. Plus I must not discount the spiritual aspect. So many have been coming to Christ daily. Attack/interruption was expected. Anthony & Candy came to my room yesterday morning. They were so caring. Anthony alerted the Golf staff who checked on me throughout the day. Candy said I had a severe fever. She gave me a variety of medicines and nutrients. For two days I ate meager portions of plain white rice, plain toast and bananas. I also have been sipping water & Sprite. My fever broke yesterday at dinner-time. Soaking wet! I slept relatively well. Woke up with a bit of an appetite. Encouraging. Anthony will pick me up at 10 this morning to take me to teach the Pators Meeting, then right back to bed. God is good and faithful! I will finish this trip strong in His might.

July 29, 2011 – 5:40PM – Golf Hotel – Kakamega:
I just got back to the hotel. God gave me the strength to persevere through the Pastors Meeting today. Huge success! I taught approximately 100 church leaders the need for and principles of servant leadership. They really got it! Such beautiful people. Such beautiful hearts. After a brief soda break, each introduced themselves and shared something about themselves & their ministries. Afterward we had a time of Q&A. The principles of Christian marriage seem to be an issue for them, contradicting some old cultural views and practices. I will focus more on marriage when I come back. After Q&A I prayed over and personally handed-out Bibles. I was shocked how few pastors had a copy of the Word! They literally rushed my table – hungry. I was weakening from sickness so we felt it wise for me to come back her to the Golf and rest in preparation for two busy days ahead. Orphans Party tomorrow! Everyone prayed for my healing. Very moving. Before the meeting Mark Asprey asked me if I had heard his big news – He’s moving here!! In his fasting & praying, the Spirit told him to sell his possessions in America and move here to help the local church. We both embraced and cried with joy. This is such an answered prayer. With so many first-time decisions this week, now who will reach & disciple them? Mark will be a big part. So proud of him! FCC is a sending church. Other big news, our teammate Sylvia received Christ and will be baptized on Sunday! Jen played a big part in her decision and she will baptize her. Overwhelming blessings! Thank you Lord Jesus!

July 30, 2011 – 10:00PM – Golf Hotel – Kakamega:
Was told I would be picked up at 9:30AM for the Orphans Party. Waited until 11:30 in lobby. Receptionist told me that I would now be picked up at 12:30. Got picked up at 2! Miffed! Thought all day that I was missing out on one of the true highlights of the trip – the Orphans Party. Apparently it began about 10AM and the people were waiting for me while I waited for a ride. A group met our car and danced ahead of us to the school. So amazing! A huge community gathering with local dignitaries, citizens, and students. I was ushered to pray a prayer of dedication & blessing at the almost-finished spring protection project and city waterline project. Then I had to sign the school guestbook (something very important to them). I took my seat under the tent and the festivities began. Speeches, musical numbers, dancing, drama, more speeches. The orphans I found out had been there all day without eating. Though I had prepared much to say, I abbreviated my comments greatly for their sake. Afterward the orphans were called by name and each was given a pre-packaged bag containing their newly-sewn outfits and other donated things. They were then given cookies and a soda – Christmas morning! After that we fed them a big meal with great variation – Thanksgiving! So much food had been bought by FCC donations and prepared that after all the orphans were fed, we fed other children in attendance. As darkness quickly fell, and serving bowls ran low, nothing short of chaos began! Children pressed against us frantic to get a serving of anything. We literally created human blockades and shouted for them to back up and follow some form of order & organization. Futile! Truly one of the saddest things I’ve ever witnessed in my life. The deputy school master called an official end to the feeding, we dropped our ladles and fought back waves of sadness over what we just experienced. In the darkness we were glad to receive a ride from Pastor Peter Aquilla (Nairobi) to Tricia’s house where we ate something. Appetite slowly coming back, but not risking it. Moderation! My suit is looser. Anthony’s brother Engosi drove us Golf people to the hotel. Church tomorrow. Last Sunday in Kenya. Raining & muddy.

July 31, 2011 – 10:45PM – Golf Hotel – Kakamega:
Got to church this morning an hour and a half late! Nothing runs on time here. Hakuna! I spoke on Jesus healing the invalid at Solomon’s Colonnade (John 5). Afterward we changed clothes and baptized several at the local river. I shared a brief baptism teaching (Philip & the Ethiopian – appropriate!) and prayed. We baptized people with great joy, including a recently converted Muslim! Also to our great joy, Sylvia was baptized by Jen. So happy for her. Answered prayer. I was soaked! Joseph, our driver, took us back to the Golf to shower and eat. Then he took us to the crusade. When we got there, they had already been praising & dancing for at least an hour and a half! I preached on the Cross as Polycap interpreted. Began pouring rain. People quickly left, but several men gave their lives to Jesus. We prayed for them as the rain fell. After I scrambled to the waiting van. So saddened I wasn’t able to say goodbye to Pastor Patrick or the Nairobi team – only Polycap. The mission aspect of the trip officially ended. Exhausted & exhilarated. Went back to the Golf and packed. Leaving at 4AM. By the way, I tried my first Kenyan simosa for dinner. Safe & delicious! Of course washed down with Fanta.

August 1, 2011 – 10:15PM – Nakuru:
Against all odds, Joseph and the van were there at 4AM! We loaded up and drove to Eldoet to exchange to a bigger van. I love western Kenya! So scenic. The sights of people and animals are captivating. Enjoyed wonderful praise & worship i-phone music on the long drive. Got to Nakuru and checked in at a nice Catholic-owned/run retreat center. Rooming with Mark. After ordering lunch to-go (a chicken? Sandwich & greasy fries) we went to the Lake Nakuru preserve. Huge! Beautiful! Before going in a monkey chased Jeanette and jumped in the car with Nicholas! We all howled! Inside the park we saw every animal imaginable – including (at the end) two amorous lions! So fantastic to see them in the wild. So glad we did this. Had dinner at the retreat center afterward as a team. Prayed and bid farewell to Sylvia.

August 2, 2011 – 11:55PM – Swiss International Airlines A330:
After breakfast we checked-out of the retreat center and Joseph drove us souvenir shopping in Nakuru. Played hardball with a shop owner and got my last souvenir. Some of the girls are amazing hagglers – namely Malissa & Zoey! They were literally banned from the store. The ruthless store owner met his match! We then drove to Nairobi. Horrible traffic! Ranks right up there with SF traffic. Eventually we got to the famous Carnivore restaurant. Anthony & Tricia and the kids & Pastor Polycap & Ann met us there. Awesome eating experience! Exotic cuts of meat served and cut right onto your plate – as much as you can eat. Ate camel, crocodile, ostrich, and a part of the ox I won’t mention! Great atmosphere! So glad that we ended this way as a team. We treated our driver Joseph to dinner and gave him a monetary gift of appreciation. He was wonderful. With our flight-time closing in, we choked down dessert and raced to the arirport. There we said our goodbyes. Unorthodox check-in and security, but we navigated it all together. Flying the Swiss carrier for the first time. Great airlines! We’ll fly all night and wake up in Zurich!

August 3, 2011 – 12:50PM – Frankfurt Airport:
Woke up this morning (seat 40A) flying over the Adriatic Sea – the lights of the Italian coast to my left! Beautiful view. After landing in Zurich, we took a Lufthansa 737 here to Frankfurt. Taken by bus from plane to terminal. Delayed a couple of hours. Not my first 747 delay in this airport. My last one was in 1974! The longest leg of the entire trip awaits us – Frankfurt to San Francisco non-stop – 11 ½ hours! Bought a few sodas, a fruit cup, and a pen here at the airport to update my journal. What a trip! We’re all so tired, yet so glad we came. Can’t wait to see Chelle and the kids. I’ve missed them all/each so much. We met all of our mission objectives and more! We saw 2,268 make decisions to follow Jesus. We were inspired and inspirational. We loved on orphans and it was amazing. I made life-long friendships and grew so close to our team. Thank you Jesus! Kenya 2013? We’ll see – if He wills.

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