Friday, July 8, 2011

Pastor's Perspective - Getting What She Deserved

She’s not getting what she deserves!

I’ve heard that animated sentiment a lot the last few days regarding the ‘not guilty’ verdict handed down to Casey Anthony. If you’re one of three people in America unfamiliar with her case, she is a young Florida mother accused of taking her young daughter’s life in 2008. Through a lot of circumstantial evidence and unusual behavior on Casey’s part after the child went missing, we all thought her guilt was a slam-dunk. However, the judicial system ran its course and twelve jurors acquitted her of the severest charges against her. Casey Anthony will be released within the next couple of weeks.

Personally, as a current events junkie, I was shocked by the verdict. I had been following the trial diligently and truly believed that the prosecution had a strong case. Since I’ve never met anyone connected to the case, all I really know is what I’ve seen and read. Like most of you, I believe that she was directly involved in what happened to her daughter. Therefore, the thought that someone blessed and entrusted to love and protect an innocent child, harmed that child and somehow got away with it is simply unsettling. As a Christian, in times like this, I can rest in and trust a more accurate and thorough judicial process is at work. Absolutely nothing escapes God.

Justice and the desire for it are qualities we share with our Creator. Without ever being taught to appreciate justice, we all have an innate desire to promote it, police it and protect it. Therefore, when someone appears to elude it, we frenzy. In other words, it is angering and scandalous for the clearly guilty to be declared ‘not guilty’.

Grace is scandalous.

The cross is scandalous.

Though the name Casey Anthony will always spark a visceral debate regarding her possible or probable guilt, there is one thing proven beyond a shadow of a doubt - I’m guilty!

I’m a murderer.

Jesus said to be maliciously angry with a brother is to invite divine judgment (Matthew 5:22)

I’m an adulterer.

Jesus said to look at a woman lustfully is to commit adultery with her in my heart (Matthew 5:28).

I’ve stolen, lied, and broken the lion’s share of God’s clearly identified commandments.

Simply put, I’m not sure if Casey is guilty or not, but I know I am.

Yet, in and through God’s grace offered to all of us through the completed redemptive work of Christ’s crucifixion, I’ve been declared ‘Not Guilty’; not by my good works but by His!

“Casey is not getting what she deserves.”

Maybe not.

Scandalously, I didn’t get what I deserved.

That, dear friends, is the beauty of the gospel.


Mary said...

Very well put. I have not followed the case much since i no longer live in Florida and have enough on my plate with the my husband waiting for a heart transplant. I trust that the jury people made the correct decision based on the information that was presented to them. I feel that the Ultimate Judge will weight in the correct eternal verdict.

Meredith said...

Could not have been better said. You said it perfectly as usual. You have a gift with words for sure.

Dawn Atkinson-Jones said...

Thank you Steve! ... I was just sharing this exact same "perspective" with folks the other day ... I will repost this! Hope all of you are doing well! Love to all the fam!!

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Tom Hartman said...
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