Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pastor's Perspective - $31.17

Several years ago, a young family man in the church shared with me his vision and desire to reach back and help the hurting HIV-affected orphans in the community he was raised. As Anthony passionately spoke, his cause resonated with me as one that needed to manifest in rural Kenya. My wife Michelle and I spoke about his dream later that day and agreed to send him a check – a check to a ministry that didn’t currently exist! The amount of money was meager according to worldly standards, but according to Anthony, it helped bring an abstract ministry into reality. Simply put, Anthony couldn’t give it back; so it forced him to go forward and with God’s grace create a non-profit organization. Sneaky? Maybe. But it worked!

This past Sunday evening, my family and I were driving to rainy Suisun to spend some time with some dear families from the church. Our soon-to-be teen Emma without warning reached forward from her seat and handed me some cash. “Daddy, I want this to help the people in Japan.” It was money she had saved. A few minutes later, Lily (9) handed me the only money she had in the world, four dollars. “Me too Daddy. Give this to the people in the earthquake.” About two minutes passed before a crisp five dollar bill from their recent birthday was passed from the very back seat from our twins Sam and Abi (11). “This is from us for Japan. Half each.” Needless to say, my heart was bursting with joy, deeply moved by an unanticipated and unsolicited generosity from a few children touched by the need of a staggering country.

Last night, after our community group, Lily walked into my bedroom and gave me a red ‘no slip’ sock (courtesy of North Bay Medical) filled with loose change she had intentionally foraged from our vehicles, our dressers and various places around the house. “Here you go Daddy! More money for Japan.”

So, today in my office, I’ve got a red sock containing $31.17, that my kids want to be used to help Japan! Huh, so this is what Anthony felt.

We in FCC leadership have been looking for a way to help Japan; and honestly, the very last thing on my radar is giving my kids their money back! So beloved here’s the game plan. This Sunday (April 3) at the end of both services, we’ll have the plates out and available as folks exit the sanctuary. If you’d like to participate and add to the kid’s offering, please do so. All money collected will go directly and immediately to Samaritan’s Purse, a high-impact ministry already making big relief strides on the ground in Japan.

Jesus said that unless we become like little children we can not enter the kingdom of Heaven. Let’s follow the generous example of some children, and in the process honor our Lord while help the hurting.

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