Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pastor's Perspective - 2011 Means go.

On your mark.

Get set.


In 2011 we at First Christian are getting intentional about motion. We realize and embrace that most of the people God created and loves are outside of our four walls.

The Lord is in the streets and neighborhoods. He’s already in our workplaces. He’s with the marginalized and discarded everywhere, beckoning His people to move, to come, to care, to go.

Our commitment is to embrace our calling as –

Restorers – people inspired to confront brokenness and give the world an authentic and inspiring glimpse of the redemption Christ will ultimately bring.

Artists – people made in His image sharing His creative attributes, desiring to add beauty in the world we live in His name and for His renown.

Our missional measurability is not in church growth, but Kingdom growth; not in ‘who’s here?’ , but ‘who’s missing?’; not in money kept, but money given away; not in God blessing us, but in us being a blessing to the world; not in trying to be anybody else in Kingdom, but instead being the people and church God intentionally created us to be.

go. is others.

go. is obedience.

go. is life.


Jeramy Sossaman said...

i'm committing to writing one new song a month in 2011. not sure if it will be a song to sing in church or not...but this process of writing "the greatest gift..." has made me realize that i'm not using MY what i'm doing is wasting and not being who god made me. that's bad i think. :-) thanks steve.

Pastor's Perspective said...

Awesome J! So proud of you and your willingness to stretch your gifts for the Kingdom J. Way to 'go.'!