Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

This Thanksgiving 2010, I’m grateful…

For a wife who still captivates me and lavishes and builds me with honor.

For children who draw in me fathomless depths of love, pride and joy.

For parents who in tandem expertly created colossal memories from miniscule words like ‘home’ and ‘family’.

For family members, near and far, who warm me in the ceaseless glow of belonging.

For friends who shimmer with loyalty and shower with levity.

For a congregation that faithfully and fearlessly embraces challenge and marches.

For a staff that reaches in with transparency, reaches up with expectancy, and reaches out with humility.

For an eternal Father who shepherds me.

For a risen Son who saved me.

For an indwelling Spirit who shapes me.

Simply put, I am a man rich beyond measure and blessed beyond human merit.

I’m grateful.

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