Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pastor's Perspective - Kids and Church

Some kids will do anything to get out of church!

I confess that last night I had a bit of a chuckle after reading an online news story – after the fact of course. Apparently a 7-year-old boy in Utah led the police on a car chase, all in an effort to avoid going to church! After witnesses saw a child driving a Dodge Intrepid, they called the authorities who followed him at speeds up to 40 mph. Finally the boy stopped in a driveway and ran inside a home. According to the Associated Press, when the boy’s father confronted him later about his reckless behavior, the boy explained that he simply didn’t want to go to church that morning.

Several years ago back in Florida I preached a message called, ‘Dying to Get Out of Church’. The Bible text I used was the account of the Apostle Paul raising a kid named Eutychus back to life (Acts 20:7-12). Apparently the time-pressed apostle was doing a ‘Smokey & the Bandit’ message – a long way to go and a short time to get there! A young man named Eutychus was becoming groggier and groggier as he sat in the window listening. Finally he couldn’t fight slumber any longer and fell from the 3-story ledge to his death. Paul, not missing a beat, simply paused his message, marched downstairs, threw himself on the child and through God’s miraculous power, raised the boy back to life! This dramatic event proved to have little effect, as Paul just continued preaching until sunrise.

Some kids will do anything to get out of church!

I’m always saddened when someone tells me that their kids don’t like coming to church. This statement usually tells me that the child is not being intentionally and creatively reached, has made few friends, or is seeing hypocrisy or lack of ‘church’ zeal in his parents. Gratefully, I rarely if ever hear that! I’m so very blessed to pastor a congregation that makes student and children’s ministry a high priority. Where some might only pacify and warehouse kids while their parents get all the focus and creative attention, FCC is not one of those places. We value the wonderful opportunity God has given us to introduce young people to Christ at the level they can comprehend and engage Him. From our loving Nursery Ministry, to Kingdom Kids, to Awana, to Impact Student Ministries, all are fun and creative avenues led by highly dedicated leaders and volunteers trying to make positive first impressions. Our goal is for each child to know that they are unconditionally loved by their Creator, that following Jesus Christ daily is key, that the Bible is their reliable life-long guide, and that each tender life has a God-sized plan accompanying it.

So, my challenge to you is to bring your young ones to church regularly, support specialized children’s and youth ministry, volunteer selflessly, and thank those who labor with your child’s salvation and spiritual maturity at heart.

My guarantee is, your child won’t fall asleep, and, you won’t have to hide your car keys!

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