Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pastor's Perspective - Family Update

Michelle and I want thank you and our church eldership for giving us this personal time away to heal, after an unanticipated episode in our lives.

As most of you might know by now, Michelle required emergency surgery and hospitalization last week to stop and repair severe internal bleeding caused by a 10 week ectopic pregnancy. You might also know that we have dealt with infertility throughout our 15 years of marriage. Therefore, you can only imagine how surprising and saddening this was and has been for us. We would never choose to rewind the clock on our lives; fully confident that God has supernaturally hand-delivered each one of our precious children to us - a plan that was HIS and was pre-destined from the beginning of time. But we are still hurting and grieving this unexpected loss in our lives. Naturally we are also so VERY grateful to God for preserving her life. Her surgeon said we came dangerously close to a very different outcome – which is also another issue that we are attempting to process and work through. Such sadness comes from finally experiencing a doctor telling us words we always longed to hear – “You’re pregnant” - only to lose that precious life. Our confidence and joy is that our baby is safe in the care of Jesus, and that one day we will meet and enjoy our child together.

Thank you for your many prayers, calls and acts of kindness. You have proven once again that “family” is not just a word at FCC, but our treasured reality.

Thank you also to our dear Elders for covering my many duties and for giving me this time to care for Michelle during her recovery and to be that parental presence my children need after a scary and tumultuous time.

My plan is to return to the pulpit on Sunday, June 14th and continue the ‘Overcoming’ series. I believe I’m even better qualified now to share that topic with you. I love you all.

In the Fight,


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Nicholle said...

Love you two! You 6!!

You all are in my prayers!