Friday, April 17, 2009

Pastor's Perspective - INFUSION2

Next Saturday morning (Saturday, May 25th) we at First Christian have been given a golden opportunity – to selflessly serve our community - with no strings attached!

After a very successful INFUSION event back in September to commemorate our 30th year in the community, our FCC faithful have been asking for another high-impact follow-up event to help others – and thus INFUSION2 was born.

In recent weeks I have been thoroughly enjoying meeting and forging relationships with local city leaders. During our connections together I have expressed our strong desire as a community of faith to meet the needs of ‘real people’ just like ourselves. Their response has been overwhelmingly positive and receptive!

Our plan is to meet at 8:00A.M. for a big delicious breakfast. After getting ‘carbed-up’ we’ll dispatch by teams into the community to do a variety of things – including serving the elderly and disabled, trash pick-up and weed abatement at parks and bike trails, yard work at foreclosed and abandoned homes (to bless neighbors), and a variety of other opportunities. We’ll reconvene at noon back at the church building for a great lunch and to share praise reports!

To ensure that INFUSION2 is a big success, all of our FCC loyal are needed. We still need more team leaders, team workers, childcare workers and food preparation workers to sign-up at the church Welcome Center this Sunday. This will guarantee that we’re properly covered out in the field and back at the church building. Likewise, we are looking for the help of those who have own pick-up trucks and trailers.

We are focusing exclusively on the city of Suisun. Therefore, if you are aware of needs in that community, please contact the church office. Our ‘To Do’ list is still an exciting work in progress!

As a side note, this is a great way to invite and introduce your family and neighbors to our ministry at First Christian, and to show them that the passion and mission of our people lies outside our brick walls.

I’m looking so forward to sharing Christ’s love with you at INFUSION2 – not with megaphones and guilt, but instead with shovels, garbage bags and smiles.

In the Fight,

Steve Kiefer


Anonymous said...

Good perspective but I thought Infusion 2 is on April 25th?? Next week end??

Anonymous said...

Anonymous to another anonymous: You're right Infusion 2 is on April 25th not May 25th. Looking forward to it!!