Friday, January 30, 2009

Pastor's Perspective - Facebook = Gracebook!

Well it’s official. I have 192 friends! At least that’s what Facebook is telling me today.

For several months I honestly tried to avoid the whole Facebook thing, thinking it was just another trendy trend in a long line of trends. However, since giving up and giving in late last year, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this high-tech relational phenomenon. Admittedly, I’ve had a few challenges along the way. My wife and personal tech support person Michelle had to set me up; something I’d still be doing without her help. Also, when it comes to ‘Status Updates’, its difficult for me to somehow detach and present myself in the third person! Every time I do it I hear that creepy little boy’s voice from ‘The Shining’ – “Danny doesn’t like…” Also, I try to be witty with my updates – something that wastes time and needlessly maims a lot of my dwindling brain cells. My hand to God, last week during my short drive home from church I wrestled with posting the status update – ‘Steve Kiefer is wondering if Chaka Khan ever really felt for him’…. Think about it…..remember the song…. (crickets).

The global success of Facebook is only a reminder that God made us all to be relational beings – with Him and with each other. Not one of us was created to live in a vacuum, independent. Instead we were made through relationships for relationships. That somehow God’s genius, message and artistry is accentuated through our togetherness. That we can never be fully alive and all that we were crafted to become without the dynamic of intertwining.

1 Peter 4:10 reminds us that God’s amazing and available grace to mankind is not some abstract or ethereal thing that floats down and lights upon us as angels sing the soundtrack. The apostle shares that God’s grace, in its various forms, comes through people! That as we intentionally climb into each others lives and faithfully and humbly bend a knee to serve each other, God Himself works through imperfect but available humanity.

Face it Facebookers! Beneath our witty rat-tat-tat banter, and the photos we hand-select to make us appear more attractive than we really are (Oh snap! He went there!) – I need you and you need me. Much of what you’re wanting God to supernaturally zap your way, has already been intentionally and lovingly gifted into the people around you. So as you reach up, remember to reach out – by God’s design the two go hand-in-hand.

Maybe Facebook should be renamed Gracebook! And yes, sadly, I’m still wrestling with the whole Chaka Khan thing…(redrum)


Jeramy Sossaman said...

i don't know what you're talking about. every picture that i post is a complete realistic glimpse of how i actually look.

bronwenhealyhope said...

haha..oh jeramy! i know how sharon is with photoshop! (joking)

steve..i am proud of your admittance of how this "phenomenon" helps us learn to trust, reach out, be real, be honest and "share" our everyday realities - it is what we were all put here for!

it has been an incredible outreach and communication tool for me and for HOPE!

bronwenhealyhope said...

ps - i too am actually this pretty!

Nicholle said...

You are so right!! I need you! And all my FB friends. I have started relationships with people that go to our church through FB and I LOVE that!!! And with friends who moved away and have been missing so much lately! I have "talked" to her more in the last week them the last 5 months. Love it!!

Connection is so important! Love Facebook!

I love reading your updates. Always waiting for a good joke from you!!

brittaney said...

i never looked at facebook this way. thanks for the new insight, unk steve. i needed this reminder today.

Jeramy Sossaman said...

does facebook pay you to say this?

Gena said...

As always you rock brother!!!

Anonymous said...

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