Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pastor's Perspective - Dying of Thirst?

Last week my family and I enjoyed a week-long jaunt into the Nevada high desert for some well-needed R&R. We went to Las Vegas, a place Michelle had never been (other than the airport), and a place I haven't visited since 1985 during my infamous 'airline days'. We explored, made precious memories, enjoyed dear friends, and relaxed. Aughh.

Like many of you, I believe half of the fun and enjoyment of any vacation is the journey, or the "getting there". That sense of adventure and experiencing new things with loved ones is a thrill I have enjoyed since childhood (Thanks Mom & Dad!)

During our 20 hour round trip excursion, the kids slept, sang and wrote songs, watched movies and engaged Chelle and I in very interesting dialogue. One memorable discussion happened as we were driving through the desert. Chelle, a homeschooling mom always-on-duty, shared with the children the difference between a mirage and an oasis. She shared those facts on a few different occasions during the week, sharing that "If you were lost in the desert and were dying of thirst, a mirage might fool you into believing there was water nearby." As we drove back from Vegas we actually saw a mirage on the sandy horizon. As we pointed it out to our kids everybody got excited and finally understood what Chelle had been describing. As the decibel level fell, our little Lily's voice broke the silence from the backseat - "Are we dying of thirst?"

The truth is, we're all dying of thirst. Our physical bodies were created by the Almighty to require constant hydration. Likewise, the spiritual (real) you requires constant spiritual hydration. Jesus told us that He alone holds the key to unlocking rivers of refreshing, life-giving, "living" water. That without His infusion in our lives, we are hopeless. We possess the appearance of life but are really dead - spiritual zombies.

Friends, a mirage gives the appearance of life, refreshment and rescue - but offers absolutely nothing. This world offers us a lot of mirages! However, an oasis is that priceless, unexpected, life-preserving and life-enhancing treasure that you never thought you'd ever find.

Are you dying of thirst?

Jesus is an oasis, and not a mirage.

I Love You!

In the Fight,



Anonymous said...

I look forward and enjoy your always-on-duty spiritual insights! Love you my Pastor!

Jeramy Sossaman said...

man...i've got so much to say about this....i'll save it for my therapist though....good post.

Cheryl said...

I love this post... what a great word picture! Thanks for the reminder that Jesus is the Oasis!